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Plastic Building Products Burry PortThe Corovent dry verge system is designed to provide an easy method to mechanically fix verge tiles. When the system is correctly installed, it reduces the risk of wind damage, frost and reduces water penetration. You won’t have to worry about the wind lifting up and removing any of your roofing tiles because this system will hold them all securely in place, if you require this product in Burry Port please contact us, and will be able to help.

When you are researching the various types of dry verge systems, keep in mind that Corovent is 100% weatherproof and maintenance free. It provides the ultimate protection for your roofing system and keeps it in great shape. These systems are completely waterproof once they have been fitted and completely installed.

Corovent dry verge systems are manufactured from UV stabilised and recycled polypropylene making them extremely durable. The system is available in grey or brown colour options which easily blend in or match your existing roof materials. The system adds a very decorative touch once it has been fully installed.

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The system is compatible with a wide range of roofing tiles ranging between 280 mm and 340 mm gauge thicknesses. The system has been specifically designed to be quickly and easily installed, by the DIY home owner or by a private contractor. All weather fixing is definitely possible with this product so you won’t have to wait for fair weather to install the product. No mortar is required, so that can also save a lot of time, energy and effort.

You will save a great deal of time and money on labour because the product is extremely simple to install. The overall look of the completed installation will finish off the PVR fascias and soffits that you have already installed and seal the ends of the roof caps to prevent birds and insects from entering your roof. Once you know that insects have made a home under your roof it can be difficult to address the issue without the assistance of a pest control professional to ensure that the problem has been fully eliminated.

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Water damage can be an expensive issue to repair, so it is a good idea to protect your roof with a dry verge system. When your roof is carefully sealed with a suitable material, you will never have to worry about pointing the apex again. You can also expect to save money on your energy bills which can add up to quite a bit of money in just a few short years.

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