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Plastic Building Products CarmarthenThe Bardoline Bituminous Roof Tile Strip Roofing system is a system that combines quality, flexibility and economy with a great look once the product has been fully installed. Bituminous shingles are made with firm fiberglass felt which is then coated with bitumen. On the outside of the strip mineral or slate granules provide protection against the weather and on the underside a special elastomer bitumen connects the fiberglass shingles together, if you require this product in Carmarthen please contact us, and will be able to help.

Each section of Bardoline Bituminous Roof Tile Strip Roofing is light weight, extremely simple to handle and very easy to work with. The roof must be ready, already having the wood deck applied using OSB or plywood and the roof sheeting and membrane in place. If you have purchased your tile strips in advance, you must store them in such a way that they are protected from sunshine and moisture until they have been properly installed.

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There are many benefits to using the Bardoline Bituminous Roof Tile Strip Roofing System, including:

  • The ease of installation makes it simple to create a quality roof with minimal work. Product waste is minimal and labour costs can also be kept very low.
  • The tile strips are extremely durable and are backed by a 15 year warranty
  • It is simple to cut the strips and shape them while ensuring accurate placement on the roof line. Tile tabs located on the product increase the easy placement of each course.
  • The product is flexible and can be wrapped around curves of intricate roofing;
  • A two tone effect of the tiles have a slight variation of colour across the span of a roof which can look quite attractive upon completion;
  • Bardoline is extremely lightweight and is ideal for low weight bearing roof systems because it won't apply a load that is too heavy, the roof trusses will be able to bear the load.
  • The product offers an AA Fire Rating and is the only bituminous strip roofing system to have BBA certification.

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Bardoline Bituminous Tile Strip Roofing is used on a variety of building types around the world because it is durable, attractive and versatile. The product is available in green or gray and is sold in packages of five. These roofing tile strips are manufactured from very high quality materials, using the latest technology for improved production. If you are looking for a suitable roofing material, Bardoline has it with this product that will be a great investment in a quality roof for your home.

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