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Plastic Building Products CarmarthenCorrugated multiwall polycarbonate can be used for a variety of applications including roofing an open space, carports, pergolas, garden sheds, garages or as a decorative feature inside a building. This product is relatively inexpensive and durable so that you are getting a product that will stand the test of time and not cost a great deal of money. The product provides heat insulation, low weight on roof trusses and high rigidity, preventing buckling and denting, if you require this product in Carmarthen please contact us, and will be able to help.

A UV coating is applied to corrugated multiwall polycarbonate which provides superior protection against sun damage and other typical types of weathering patterns. The product has a ten year warranty against weather breakdown, provided that the product is installed correctly with the UV coating protected side facing upwards. The smooth surface of this product also provides for minimal dirt collection on the surface of the installed material.

If you are an avid DIY home owner, this product is simple to install and extremely flexible while still offering superior protection against breakage. Full instructions are provided on the product website and also when you purchase the product for installation on your own. Self drilling screws should be used to install each sheet to the roof after it has been laid out on the roof for fit. Each sheet should overlap by 120 mm and each overlapped section should be further supported to ensure proper structure safety. Cold bending should be parallel to the ribs of each sheet and not cross wise or there is a risk of buckling.

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Each corrugated multiwall polycarbonate sheet should be installed with fastening elements that do not cause a deformity to the sheet's profile and so that no water can penetrate the hole made by the fastener. Gaskets are generally used with each bolt or screw to ensure that water cannot get below the surface of the material. If you will be up on the structure installing the material, you should not walk on the sheets, they are not strong enough to support body weight. Instead, you should use a plank that covers up to two sections of rafters to stand on and support your weight.

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The corrugated multiwall polycarbonate sheets should be cleaned with a mild cleaning agent diluted in warm water and a soft cloth or sponge. Solvents or alkaline detergents should never be used on the surface of the material and it should not be scrubbed with anything abrasive that can leave marks in the surface.

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