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Plastic Building Products CarmarthenCorrugated PVC Sheeting is a material that is often used for a variety of applications because it is economical and light. This material is so inexpensive that people tend to choose it for roofing storage sheds, gazebos and carports, if you require this product in Carmarthen please contact us, and will be able to help.

Versatile and Useful

One of the most common reasons that people use corrugated PVC is that it can be used as a roofing material for a variety of buildings. Some people use it for siding or cladding. It can easily be trimmed to the exact shape that is required for the building that it is to be used on. Simple DIY tools can be used to cut the sheets to the length that is required. If you are using your sheeting for a roof, the structure should have a minimum angle of five degrees to ensure water run-off.

One of the best features of corrugated PVC sheeting is that it is simple and quick to install. The sheets need to be laid out and then cut to the appropriate size. Holes for screws should be marked with a permanent marker and pre-drilled before the PVC is fully installed. Due to the fact that the product is so light, it can be installed by one person without the need for assistance.

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Low Maintenance

You won’t have to climb up and clean off your roof when you use corrugated PVC sheeting. This material is self-cleaning and will not rust or corrode. It is UV resistant which makes it extremely durable. Corrugated PVC is available in three standard thicknesses, which can be used for just about any application that you need it for. Generally, it resists impact and will not break very easily.

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Many home owners want to have a small shed in their back yard for storing garden tools, but they do not want to have to add complicated roof structures and install roofing tiles or expensive roofing materials. The answer is simple, corrugated PVC is inexpensive enough to cover every one of your back yard projects including a gazebo, your garden shed and your carport at the side of your home. You won’t have to hire a roofing company to install your roofing system when you can simply use this material and complete the project yourself using tools that you already own and minimal effort. Simply measure the area you wish to cover and then obtain the necessary sheeting, you could complete the project in a day or two.

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