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Plastic Building Products CarmarthenDome Rooflights can be an excellent option for accessing better ventilation and obtaining more light in a building or a home. There are several options for these roof lights and you will need more information about the configuration of the roof of the building before you proceed with ordering an installing these roof lights, if you require this product in Carmarthen please contact us, and will be able to help.

What are the options?

Dome rooflights can be purchased in a standard dome, an architectural dome, a round dome or a glazed only unit which is meant to refurbish an existing dome roof light. You will need to determine the size of the opening space by measuring the length and the width. The direct fix adaptor allows your roof light to fit right over the existing VP stand.

If needed, a kerb adaptor can enable standard sized roof lights to fit over non-standard sized upstands. You need to decide upon which type of dome roof light you want installed and then proceed from there.

For more detailed information on dome rooflights around Carmarthen, just give us a call.

What about insulation requirements?

When you install dome rooflights you need to ensure that they conform to current insulation requirements. The u-value of a triple glazed roof light is 1.8W/m2K. By ensuring that you have the proper insulation installed, you are ensuring that you have a more energy efficient building and access BREEAM Credits.

Dome rooflights are available in clear, bronze and opal tints and the textured choice can provide privacy while still maintaining good light transmission. Opal tinted lights provide filtered light but still prevents solar heat glare, but you won’t be able to clearly see objects through the light. The clear option provides the best view, while bronze provides very little view and a lower light transmission. If you are trying to gain more light above all else, you will need to choose the clear roof lights.

Roof lights can be manually opened (if this is the option you choose) by use of an extension pole. There is also the option of powered opening lights with the use of a remote handset that operates all of the lights in the building.

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If you want to add more light to the interior of a building, you should consider roof lights because they can let the light in easily and can provide the most options for the most reasonable price point. You may not have considered these in the past, but they are certainly an affordable option to adding more high powered and expensive electrical lighting.

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