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Plastic Building Products CarmarthenFlat plastic glazing is used in a variety of applications and is softer than glass, but has a good impact resistance. It can be applied where you would use glass but need to find something that is more cost effective. This material can be used in many different types of applications including as a replacement window, room divider, display cases and door panels, if you require this product in Carmarthen please contact us, and will be able to help.

Flat Glazing Options

Corotherm Flat is a solid polycarbonate sheet that is impact resistant, is flexible and can be used for interior or exterior applications. It can be primary or secondary glazing and is often used in areas where security is an important and where vandalism is likely to occur.

Liteglaze clear acrylic exterior grade is safer and much stronger than glass. It is easy to move around because it is very light and is UV resistant. This flexible material is suitable for both interior and exterior use. It is suitable both for interior and exterior use and as a secondary double glazing. It can be used for replacement windows and in display cases.

Styrene clear polystyrene sheet is a lightweight economical material that is suitable for glass replacement but is only suitable for interior use.

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Where to use the material

Flat plastic glazing can be used in a variety of situations and is a good substitute for glass when the situation calls for a material that is shatter resistant while still being protective. At times glass is too dangerous to be installed in a particular situation because of the risk of it breaking. If a person wants to install a barrier that is inside a building that is tall and long, a lighter material such as flat glazing can be the best choice for such a situation.

If you are thinking about replacing glass in an outbuilding or adding some, one of these choices can be suitable, including Corotherm Flat or Liteglaze. These materials are flexible and shatter proof and UV resistant so that they will not become brittle or disintegrate with being exposed to the sun’s rays constantly. In an outdoor situation, this is completely vital because UV rays can literally rot most materials that are exposed to them.

Trusted delivery of Flat Plastic Glazing in Carmarthen

Many outbuildings are often left with open side vents that can be sealed using flat glazing. This can ensure that light still gets into the building while protecting it from unwanted intruders or having the items that are stored inside open to the outside elements.

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