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Plastic Building Products CarmarthenOf the many roofing options that are available to home owners today, lightweight metal roofing is a very good choice. The material is economical and can be easily installed by the home owner without any special tools or knowledge. Once the system has been installed, it looks attractive and professional, with a charcoal finish that looks like any other roofing system in the area (except much more professional), if you require this product in Carmarthen please contact us, and will be able to help.

Corotile is a lightweight metal roofing material that comes in panels that are 890 mm wide. You simply measure across the roof span of the building that you will cover and then obtain the appropriate amount of panels, barge covers, ridge caps, end caps and screws and washers needed to install the roof. There is no need to be concerned about complicated installation issues, because there will not be any with this system. The easy panels simply need to be laid out and fastened once they are in place.

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The Corotile lightweight metal roofing system fits on any sized roof, whether it be a tool shed, a workshop, a garage, a stable or a chalet. This is composite bituminous strip roofing that looks attractive once it has been installed. There is no cutting or bending required, you simple set out the panels and overlap them with other panels until the entire roof area is covered. Once you have all of the panels laid out, simply screw them into place using the screws and washers specially designed for use with this specific roofing system.

Many roofing materials are complicated to install, leaving people frustrated and upset because they cannot install the system on their own. They may give up after they attempt installation and contact a roofing company to come in and help. There is honestly no need for that when you use the Corotile lightweight metal roofing system. The manufacturer actually provides easy to follow installation videos that anyone can use to install the entire system from beginning to end.

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Your starting point is to measure the area of the roof and then order the required materials. Once you have the materials in hand, you can then begin the installation of your new roofing system. The entire process should not take longer than a day or two and once it has been completed, you will be completely satisfied with the result. This roofing system features a fifteen year warranty which covers the materials if you followed the installation instructions.

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