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Plastic Building Products CarmarthenRoof ventilation is an important consideration for every roofing system, yet it is one of the most misunderstood systems among roofing professionals. In fact, many roof leaks may be due to improper ventilation in that the roofing company that installed a roof did not consider proper ventilation requirements. What occurs in this case is that condensation in the attic or upper air space in the home can lead to unexplained leaks, if you require this product in Carmarthen please contact us, and will be able to help.

When a home owner is paying such a high price to have a reliable new roofing system installed, it is important that the roof is has the correct ventilation components installed at the same time. By not installing the correct roof ventilation components, your roof will not perform as it should. Ice damming will form which is a result of snow build up and melt, you may experience mold, condensation, sheathing rot, eave rot and leaks. Ultimately your roofing membrane or roofing materials will start to deteriorate, in most cases, years before they should.

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Proper roof ventilation has a ratio of 250:1. What this means is that you will need a square foot of roof vent for every 250 feet of roof area. Proper ventilation also provides for a cooler attic during the heat of summer and a dryer attic in the wet months of fall and winter. If you ignore the need for ventilation, you are asking for a plethora of problems that will start to occur within the first few months of wet weather.

The heat of summer can become trapped in the attic space. This heats the insulation in the attic which moves down through the ceiling and moves through the room below the attic. The sheathing of the roof may become so hot that it starts to warp. All the while, the home owner has the air conditioner set to maximum to try to cool the house down, increasing their energy costs.

Bad weather in the winter can present its own set of problems. When the weather is the coldest, the interior of the home is warmer than the exterior and tends to carry more water vapour while the attic air is dry. The vapour is increased with household activities that use water – showers, laundry, humidifiers, cooking, etc. The water vapour migrates through the ceiling, insulation and the wood and into the attic. From there the vapour cools and condenses into a liquid which settles on rafters, roof trusses and roof sheathing.

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This vapour moisture in the attic dampens and compresses the insulation and can reduce the R value of the insulation which leads to more issues in the attic including more heat loss, mold, rot, ice damming and mildew. This can all be prevented with the proper installation of roof ventilation when the roofing system is initially installed.

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