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Plastic Building Products CarmarthenTubular skylights are a unique device that can help you to obtain natural light in a sub ground level floor. The maximum distance of 6 meters from dome to diffuser allows the light to penetrate down through a two or three storey building, if you require this product in Carmarthen please contact us, and will be able to help. A series of strategically placed reflective materials help to direct natural light down to the bottom of the tube. These lights look similar to recessed lighting, except the light they emit does not get added to your energy bill.

These skylights have a total reflectivity of 95%, so you will have the same type of light as if you were on a ground level floor with windows, even when you are in a room that is completely dark. Windows are always the best choice, but it is not always possible to install them into a home, so the option is to go with rooflights that can provide access to natural lighting for those dark spaces.

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There are four options for these rooflights including profiled tile, slate tile, plain tile and flat roof. You can choose the rooflight that will fit the best on your style of roof and then have it installed correctly so that you can begin enjoying accessing natural light.

Tubular skylights are available in three diameters: 305 mm (12 inches), 355 mm (14 inches) or 535 mm (21 inches). One of these three diameters is sure to suit the application that you need to use it for. Angle adapters help to position the rooflight exactly where it is needed and provided added flexibility.

One of the best features of tubular rooflights is that they are draft free, dirt free and insect free when they are installed with the correct seal. The dome impact is 200 times greater than glass, so you won’t have to worry about it shattering if something impacts the top of the dome on your roof.

There are several applications for these tubular skylights including:

  • Lower level bathrooms which have no windows at all;
  • Kitchens – because brighter kitchens are just that much better;
  • Built in wardrobes – so you have something better than a light bulb and can see your clothing and other items more easily;
  • Hallways
  • Landings

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It is not always possible to get the best lighting in lower areas of buildings and homes. By using tubular skylights the natural light can be directed to the dark areas of the home and brighten up any room. Now you can reduce your energy bills while accessing natural light that simply looks nicer in any room.

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