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Plastic Building Products CarmarthenThe Corovent Universal Roof Ridge system is a universal roof ridge that is applied to the top of the roof to complete the roof structure, if you require this product in Carmarthen please contact us, and will be able to help. This unique jointing system provides for ultimate versatility providing for a lasting roof when it comes to function and technical aspects. The appearance of the materials provide for an overall pleasing aesthetic while protecting the system from moisture ingress.

A universal roof ridge system is installed on the peak of the roof where the tiles meet to complete and seal the open top. The ridge connection creates a parallel line that runs between the ridge tiles and their surface. The function of this addition is to prevent water from accessing the roof system and it works very well to accomplish this.

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The unique jointing system provides the ultimate versatility and will accommodate the settlement of a roof structure or any of its differential movement. Most known ridge tiles can be accommodated using the Corovent universal roof ridge system. The system is suitable to be used with round and angled ridge tiles and can be used with most existing ridge tiles.

The system incorporates high level ventilation once fully installed and is completely weatherproof, preventing snow or rain from entering your roof system. The system is also completely maintenance free, UV stable, and resistant to frost or changes in temperatures.

A necessary part of a roof system, the Corovent universal roof ridge can be installed mortar free, making it quick and easy to fix and eliminating the need for wet trades and any problems associated with them. All weather fixing is possible and the universal roof ridge prevents wind uplift problems.

By combining a visual value bonus to your roof and the long lasting benefits, you can retain value in your home when you compare the system to other options. You will no longer have to follow up on the roof system with maintenance and repairs because this system is maintenance free. The smooth line of the material provides for a discreet appearance.

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Once you have installed the system yourself or have had it installed by a roofing professional, you can look forward to superior protection when it comes to the function of your roof. It will be fully protected against all types of weather and will help to protect your tiles from being blow off of the roof. You can relax, knowing that when the winter weather arrives, you will not have to worry about moisture getting into your roof.

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